Love where you live, but it is no longer the “perfect fit” it was when you first moved in?

The normal cycle of life brings changes that impact upon the comfort and practicalities of modern day living.  Before you put the “For Sale” sign at your front gate, explore your options.

You might just be surprised at what you can do…..

Everyone has a story. Here is how Complete Home Extensions has helped some of our clients…

Jake and Alana loved their two bedroom, one bathroom renovator’s dream they moved into just after they were married.  Now with two children and a dog, it is just not working for them anymore.  Loving living so close to the shops, parks, cafes and easy transport to the city, they were reluctant to move.  The ideal solution was to raise their home and build a second storey underneath.  With some clever planning, Jake and Alana now have a four bedroom, two bathroom home with a much needed parents retreat, double garage, and family room.  There is even an extra bedroom, just in case they need it!

Jenny and Bob have three girls.  Their home was quite comfortable while the girls were small.  Now that they are teenagers, it is a whole different story.  One bathroom was never going to work, it was looking like Bob would never again be able to sit in his favourite armchair and getting to watch his beloved football was becoming a distant memory. To top it off, last home (which was usually Bob) had to park their car two houses down the street.  Thanks to an extension financed using the equity in their home, Bob now has a media room with a new recliner and a large screen TV and hot showers are never a problem with the extra bathrooms and large, solar hot water system.  The girls can entertain their friends on the large rear deck and the front yard was revamped to include additional car parking, which has pleased both Bob and his neighbour down the road.

Carol had been looking at luxurious bathrooms in magazines for years, thinking to herself “one day”.  That day has finally arrived!  Since Carol and Peter’s four children have now left home, they had plenty of empty rooms and just the two of them to accommodate.  Converting two of the upstairs bedrooms into a master suite with walk in robe and ensuite was a great use of existing space, leaving plenty of guest bedrooms for when the grandchildren visit.  With a wall removed and a remodel in a downstairs area, Peter now has the bar/pool room he had always wanted.

When things don’t work out, family are always there for you.  That is certainly true in the Jackson family as Belinda and her three children moved back in with Mum and Dad after a recent marriage breakdown.  Craig and Susan welcomed them with open arms, but soon realised six people in their small home was not going to be a picnic.  After looking at Belinda’s post separation financial situation, it was evident this would not be a short term solution.  By adding a well thought through extension with 2 new bedrooms, a bathroom and a separate play area for the children, life is back to comfortable.

Blended families can be a challenge.  Squeeze everyone in an under-size home and you are asking for trouble.  When widower Dan first started dating recent divorcee Melissa, they would joke about their version of “The Brady Bunch”.  Three years on, and that is now their reality.  The two families have become one, and adding to the normal stressors of blended families is the shortage of bedrooms, bathrooms and a lack of privacy in Dan’s modest 3 bedroom home.  Dan and Melissa were beginning to question if this was all going to work. With some clever design ideas, an additional 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, media room and outdoor area were added.  Dan and Melissa have been amazed at the difference this has made.  Even the children are starting to get along.

So, what is your story?

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